The benefits of cloud-based e-mailing

20 kwietnia 2016

Cloud-based e-mailing

The idea of the cloud has become incredibly popular in the recent months. The cloud lets us listen to music, watch films and store files. Additionally, cloud hosting successively keeps displacing the traditional VPS. The idea of the cloud has also reached the e-mail environment and changed its image for the better. If you wonder whether it’s worth moving your e-mail messaging into the cloud, please read today’s article.

What is cloud SMTP?

SMTP – simple mail transfer protocol, is a protocol for electronic mail transmission over the Internet. An SMTP server (used for e-mail message sending) is colloquially called the same name.

Placing such an SMTP server in the cloud means that instead of building our own infrastructure we make use of an external environment. In addition, we only use the resources required by our mailing. What benefits does it bring? Here are the answers.

The benefits of cloud-based e-mailing


No matter whether you send hundreds, thousands or even millions of e-mail messages at the same time, the cloud-based infrastructure is designed to send messages at full speed. The resources automatically scale to suit your needs. The cloud-based solution is of the greatest benefit for the businesses that experience seasonal traffic fluctuation. If you run e-commerce and send many more messages in the pre-Christmas period than in the remaining part of the year, the cloud infrastructure will automatically adjust to your needs and you will only pay for what you actually use. This is how you avoid the necessity to build an infrastructure you would fully use only in one month of the year.

Message deliverability

While sending a high volume of messages through a traditional SMTP server you will surely encounter deliverability issues. Operators often mistake all non-unique messages for spam, for instance, a few thousand newsletters, amendments to regulations or invoices. Cloud-based SMTP by EmailLabs is designed to process high message volumes and the agreements concluded with mailbox providers ensure top deliverability rates.

Economy of time and money

To build and maintain your own e-mail environment is cost-intensive and time-consuming. The higher the volume of the messages you send, the more servers and staff to operate and monitor them you need. In addition, the management of contacts with administrators of blacklists and mailbox providers (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, GMX, Seznam, WP, etc.) is incredibly time-consuming.


While building your own environment it is worth taking care of full redundancy and securing the server rooms against the physical damage to the resources, e.g in the event of a fire. Cloud-based SMTP solves this problem. EmailLabs has colocation of resources in the specialist Data Center Beyond. The whole environment is redundant and fully secured against physical damage. In addition, the operation of the servers is monitored on a 24-hour basis. Thanks to that we may be sure that messages keep being sent non-stop, 365 days a year.

SMTP vs Cloud SMTP


Cloud computing is now present in nearly every aspect of digital life. The revolution has also affected the world of e-mailing and changed it for the better. The movement of SMTP into the cloud allows you to achieve full scalability, the highest deliverability and security. And at the same time you save time and money.

EmailLabs is the first Polish cloud SMTP. The many years of experience and the contracts we have concluded with mailbox providers allow us to ensure the highest deliverability of transactional and marketing messages and the fastest e-mail sending service in Poland. In addition, you will also gain access to detailed analytics of every e-mail message you have sent.

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