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EmailLabsTM is the most reliable cloud-based SMTP service, which can be integrated in minutes with any system or app. Enjoy the highest deliverability, scalability, in-depth analysis of every e-mail sent and technical support of our e-mail specialists.

E-mail deliverability

Partnerstwo z ISP

Direct ESP partnerships

Thanks to direct co-operation with the largest local and global providers our e-mails reach inboxes at Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, GMX, Web.de, T-online, Seznam, Wp, Interia, Onet, o2, and many more.

IP Scoring

IP scoring

Our algorithm automatically scales your sending volumes to ISPs’ requirements. We monitor your sender reputation and oversee your deliverability. Whereas our system automatically blocks messages sent to non-existing users and those who marked you as Spam.

Dedykowane IP

Dedicated IP

Take control over your sending reputation. With a dedicated IP you won’t have to worry about other senders negatively influencing your deliverability rates.



EmailLabsTM supports and helps you configure SPF, DKIM and DMARC. It guarantees the highest deliverability and security for your valuable e-mails.

Real-time analytics


Analytical Panel

Analyse and track deliverability, opens, clicks, soft and hard bounces, spam reports and many more in real-time.

Czarne listy


Our system automatically blocks dispatches to non-existing addresses and users who marked you as spam. Thanks to this feature you can effectively manage your database hygiene and ensure highest deliverability rates.



Generate customized reports based on time frame, tags, geolocation or user’s device type. EmailLabsTM can also be easily integrated with Google Analytics.

Searchable logs

Gain access to detailed information about every customer and message sent thanks to logs searching and filtering feature.

Reliable infrastructure

SMTP w chmurze

Cloud-based infrastructure

EmailLabsTM automatically scales up to your needs. Thanks to this a very high volume send out will not cause system’s performance downgrade.



Our servers are located in one of the most secured data centres in Europe – Beyond, which meets all database access security standards.



Save time and money by eliminating the need to build and maintain your own e-mail infrastructure.


24/7 monitoring

EmailLabsTM is monitored 24/7 by our experts. Every fault is immediately repaired, so you do not to need to worry about any disruptions in your send outs.

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Send up to 24 000 e-mails per month completely out of charge.

Integrate in minutes



EmailLabsTM integrates with any app or system that initiates e-mail dispatch. The whole integration process takes less than 5 minutes.


SMTP protocol

You can integrate by SMTP protocol which is used by any system that initiates e-mail dispatch. All you have to do is to change your host, login and password and start sending right away!



Our powerful REST APIs allows for integration with any system or app. Send e-mails and receive statistics right to your app.


Code samples

Our rich documentation provides you with code samples and leads you step by step through our API.

Check our API integration

Read our DOCS and API guides

Top-notch customer support


Best-practice guides

Take part in free webinars, watch videos and read our best-practice guidebooks to increase your deliverability and open rates.


Customer support

Call centre, online chat and e-mail support – choose the most comfortable mean of communication and get in touch with us. Our customer support will solve your problems. Guaranteed!


Rich documentation

Online help and rich documentation available in “DOCS” section and will answer many of your questions regarding our service and API.


24/7 dedicated support in emergencies.

For our Enterprise customers we offer dedicated 24/7 support.