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20 kwietnia 2016


An effective e-mail delivery system is at the foundation of prosperous e-commerce business. While choosing an appropriate e-mailing infrastructure we should remember that mailing through the traditional SMTP servers, such as Hotmail, Gmail, or solutions offered by the hosting provider, may cause message delivery problems. In order to avoid such situations it is worth making use of a professional cloud SMTP e.g. EmailLabsTM. Thanks to EmailLabsTM, apart from an increase in message deliverability, we get the following benefits:

  • Real-time tracking of the statistics related to our mailing system
  • Access to detailed, searchable logs of all the sent messages
  • Use of a dedicated IP address allows users to take care of their reputation themeselves
  • Split message traffic into transactional messaging and marketing messaging
  • Automatically block mailing to non-existent addresses
  • And many more…

How to set up your own SMTP in Magento?

Settings for over 100 000 messages

Traditional SMTP settings in Magento allow for the choice of the hosting provider and the port only, so to use a server different than local an appropriate plugin must be downloaded and installed. Magento Connect offers a wide range of plugins that allow for the modification of SMTP settings. EmailLabsTM recommend SMTP Pro Email, which is not only the most popular solution of this kind for Magento, but is also entirely free of charge.

After the installation of the plugin the SMTP settings must be configured:

  • Authentication – Login
  • UsernameEmailLabsTM SMTP username, e.g. 1.yourpanel.smtp
  • Password – Your password for SMTP
  • Host –
  • Port – 587 for TLS encryption or 25 for no encryption
  • SSL Security – SSL TLS for port 587 or None for port 25

SMTP settings for Magento

EmailLabsTM SMTP settings for SMTP Pro Email

Settings for over 100 000 messages

While planning one-time message sending above 100 000 messages from an on-line shop on an own VPS server, it is recommended to use the SMTP Relay. The local relay boosts the efficiency of messaging and prevents possible network issues. In this configuration e-mail messages are queued on a local server, which allows for their re-sending right after network issues are resolved.

To setup a local SMTP relay see the documentation:
How to setup an SMTP relay >>

After SMTP relay configuration appropriate settings must be made in the Magento panel. This is how it should be done:

  1. In the Magento panel go to: System –> configuration
  2. At the bottom of the screen, on the left, in the “Advanced” tab choose: System –> E-mail sending settings
  3. In the e-mail sending settings choose the following:
    • Disable Email Communication – No
    • Host – localhost
    • Port – 25
  4. Apply changes

SMTP Relay - Magento

SMTP Relay for Magento


EmailLabsTM. If one-time message volume is below 100 000, the best way is to download and install one of the available plugins that allow for SMTP configuration. In the case of higher volumes the SMTP Relay configuration is recommended and redirecting the messaging in Magento to a local host.

If you look for a reliable SMTP that will support messaging on the Magento platform, do not hesitate to create an account at EmailLabsTM. Send up to 12 000 messages monthly entirely free of charge and get access to detailed analysis of every sent e-mail message.

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