Which Plan is right for me?

20 kwietnia 2016

Który Pakiet jest dla mnie?

At EmailLabsTM we make sure that every client finds the solution catered for their own needs. We decided not to merge functionality with messaging volume. In this way, irrespective of your volume, you can use the functionalities you need, without overpaying for the messaging volume you will not use.

Description of plans

No matter if you send hundreds, thousands or even millions of e-mail messages, EmailLabsTM will adjust to your needs. Here are the descriptions of our packages:

Standard Plan

The Standard Plan will allow you to send messages from a shared IP address that will be shared by other users of our service. Note that each of our IP addresses operates according to an agreement with mailbox providers of the highest reputation, so your deliverability rate will be very high, even as part of the standard package.

Additionally, mailing is secured with the use of SPF and DKIM and all inactive e-mail addresses will be blocked. You will also gain access to our analytics panel that you can use to track e-mail statistics and detailed logs for each message.

If you want to merge your application or message generation system with EmailLabsTM, you will gain full access to our API.

Is the Standard Plan right for me. If your message volume is low, but you would like to gain access to servers of the highest reputation and advanced analytics, the standard package is your choice.

Dedicated IP Plan

The Dedicated IP Plane contains all of the functionalities of the Standard Plan and additionally it will allow you to move to an individual infrastructure. This is the option our clients choose most often. The dedicated IP address will allow you to take care of your reputation yourself, no matter what mistakes other shared IP address users may make. It will also let you avoid e-mail message queuing.

What is more, you will be able to personalise DKIM, which will win good reputation for your domain (not only the IP address) and will make the information that the message was sent from emaillabs.net.pl disappear from Gmail.

Is the Dedicated IP Plan right for me? Irrespective of how many messages you send, if you want to take care of your server reputation yourself and avoid message queuing, the Dedicated IP is right for you. This package is recommended especially for sending transactional messages that should be delivered in a few seconds at the latest, directly to the recipient’s main mailbox.

Plus Plan

The Plus Package, due to the specification of some functions, requires a dedicated IP address. As a user of the Plus Package you will gain access to a number of functions that will broaden the scope of your mailing analytics and extend the time of detailed sent message logs storage to 30 days.

Message tagging will allow you to compare the effectiveness of particular campaigns, differentiate between various message types (e.g. transactional from marketing) and analyse each of them individually. Additionally, you will gain access to Feedback loops reports that will inform you whether AOL, Hotmail and Yahoo users mark your messages as spam.

Per provider reports is another very interesting function that will allow you to analyse the effectiveness of your delivery with a breakdown into mailbox providers. It is a real fountain of knowledge that will quickly let you decide what problems arise for message delivery or message project.

Is the Plus Plan right for me? If you send many different message types whose analytics you want to separate, you should definitely consider the Plus Package. If you carry out marketing campaigns and you would like to conduct A/X text, the Plus Package is still for you. Eventually, if you would like to gain access to reports with a breakdown into mailbox providers, so that you can easily track the quality of delivery by each of them, the Plus Package is the right choice.

Security Plan

The Security Plan contains all the functions of the Standard, Dedicated IP and Plus packages and additionally it will give you full control of your own e-mail environment and advanced security functions. As a Security Package user you will be able to create and assign rights to many users, check detailed logs of each user activity and extend log storage time to 60 days. To make your life and your accountants’ lives easier we issue invoices for particular departments.

Limited access to the Panel, API and SMTP, only for selected IPs, will protect you against an uncontrolled use and unauthorised access to EmailLabsTM service. In turn, DMARC will ensure that every attempt at stealing your identity will be blocked and you will be the first one to be informed about it. Full TLS encryption to supporting providers will prevent the theft of your clients’ important data.

Additionally, triggered deliverability alerts will immediately let you know about a decrease of deliverability, openability and clickability of your messages with each of the providers. We have made every effort to make your messages find their ways to the inbox tabs you want them to reach.

Is the Security Plan right for me? If you want to have full control of your e-mail environment and secure the sending of messages containing important data such as invoices, regulations or agreements, the Security Package is the best choice. If many people in your company have access to EmailLabsTM and you want to have full control over it, the Security Package is right for you.


Irrespective of the volume and type of the messages you send, EmailLabsTM will adjust to your needs. For the full description of the packages and a comparison of all our functions click the button below:

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